Christening of the Sidhe: Are Fairies Human, After All?

Mariia-Valeriia Viktorovna Morris


This essay regards the Middle Irish and Early Modern Irish motif of christening a fairie [V331.8. “Fairies converted to Christianity”] from a theological perspective, dwelling at some length on onthological implications assigned to an act of baptism by Catholic theology. The author demostrates how both in Early Modern and Middle Irish narratives the motif in question is utilized to portray the fairies as humans, entitled as such to Christian salvation. These pragmatics, according to the author, survive well into Modern Irish clerical comments, becoming an instrument of political speculation via attributing Irish sovereignty to a continuous bloodline shared by the fairies and Irish Gaelic nobility. Therefore, the said motif should not be considered as just a Christian rendition of pre-Christian mythology, but a representation of much wider pattern represented in Irish aristocratic and clerical tradition.

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baptism; Catholicism; Early Modern Ireland; euhemerism; fairies; Irish mythology; Tuatha Dé Danann; sidhe

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